Welcome to Pickwick Premier Bass Guide of Pickwick Lake. As one of the best Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass destinations in the Southeast, Pickwick Lake offers year round opportunity for great bass fishing.

United States Coast Guard Certified Master Captain Jimmy Washam has years of fishing experience on Pickwick, as well as national experience as a successful professional angler. Booking a fishing trip with Jimmy means that you’ll enjoy the comfort and benefits of the best equipment available to find and catch bass, along with the expert know-how and instruction of a pro angler.

Whether you are looking for a fun and laid back family fishing trip, an opportunity to improve your bass fishing skills and knowledge, or preparation for an upcoming tournament, Pickwick Premier Bass Guide has the trip that is perfect for you.

Pickwick Premier Bass Guide uses HammerRods exclusively.  Be sure to check them out at HammerRods.com

Weekly Fishing Reports on Fishing4Dummies.com

Weekly Fishing Reports - Video

Get exclusive access to weekly Pickwick Lake fishing reports from Jimmy Washam, a Bassmaster Opens Series Pro and licensed guide on Pickwick Lake. When he’s not on the road competing against the best in the country, Washam spends 2-5 days each week on the lake, considering it his home waters.

Join for informative, 12-20 minute video reports released every week. Captain Jimmy shares his insights into prevailing patterns, key locations, and the lures he has recently utilized to locate bass on Pickwick Lake. You’ll also get a contour map breakdown to enhance your understanding of how the fish constantly move and how to use your contour maps to find them effectively.

Stay updated with daily 3-5 minute videos where Jimmy breaks down his daily guide trips, including how he adapts to changing conditions, the baits he uses, and the structures he targets to catch fish.

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